Diamind - Mobile / Web game

A duel between diligent Miners and mischievous Saboteurs: a card game where friendships will be tested, alliances will form, and diamonds will shine or shatter!

In Diamind, players are divided into two teams, each with a unique mission. On one side, the Miners, hardworking and determined to collect precious diamonds. Their goal is to strategically pick cards from other players' hands, accumulating enough riches to claim victory.

On the flip side, the Saboteurs, sly and cunning, aiming to disrupt the Miners' plans at every turn. Their mission? Destroy the accumulated diamonds before the Miners strike it rich. The catch? Both teams must rely on the art of persuasion to outwit their opponents.

Be prepared for intense negotiations, sneaky alliances, and a little bluffing as Miners try to convince others to share their diamonds while Saboteurs attempt to sow seeds of doubt to destroy as many as possible. Will the Miners successfully convince their fellow players to contribute to their sparkling stash, or will the Saboteurs outsmart them?

The fate of the diamonds is in your hands!

Coming soon!